买球app排行 Research Groups

买球app排行―Africa Research Group (买球app排行-ARG)

非洲研究小组(买球app排行-ARG)是一个跨学科的开放平台,致力于研究非洲大陆及其与世界其他地区的关系. It is a forum that encourages debate and discussion through seminars, conferences and panel discussions on critical developmental issues such as good governance, democracy, arts and culture, conflict, poverty, natural resource-management, human rights, regionalism and integration and international relations. Through the above listed activities, the group hopes to strengthen research quality through strong peer review mechanisms. 它为买球app排行的研究人员提供了一个合作和建立网络的平台,重点关注非洲和全球的其他研究人员. 它还促进了买球app排行师生对非洲及其与世界其他地区关系的研究和出版.

Conflict and Security Research Group (ConSec)

冲突与安全研究小组(ConSec)是一个多学科的学术交流论坛,为学术兴趣在广泛的冲突与安全研究领域的学生和教师提供服务. The topics covered by the research group include, but are not restricted to, ethnic and ideological civil wars, political violence, peace-building, third party intervention, conflict management, ethnic politics, diasporas and migration, nationalism, identity and foreign policy.

Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG)

买球app排行能源政策研究小组(EPRG)是一个全校范围的能源政策研究平台. EPRG hosts regular seminars and an Energy Policy Lecture Series. EPRG welcomes PhD students and faculty from all 买球app排行 departments.

Environmental and Social Justice Action Research Group

The Environmental and Social Justice Action Research Group is a forum for dialogue, research and collective action to promote and achieve environmental and social justice.

Global South Research Group (GSRG)

The Global South Research Group (GSRG) brings together students, researchers, and faculty interested in the Global South, independent of their departmental affiliation. The group aims to create a network focusing on matters of development, North/South relations, and regions such as Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific. 正规买球十大平台定期举行会议,讨论学生和教师的工作,并讨论相关的文献. In addition, 该组织在买球app排行组织活动,以增加正规买球十大平台学术界对南半球的关注的可见度.

Higher Education Research Group (HERG)

高等教育研究小组(HERG)是在两位公共政策博士研究生的倡议下,在中央大学和公共政策系(现为公共政策学院)教职员工的支持下成立的。. 该小组的主要目的是将买球app排行的教师和学生聚集在一起,促进在高等教育政策领域工作的合作研究.

History of Political Thought Research Group

History of Political Thought Research Group is an interdisciplinary group at 买球app排行, cutting across departments from across the university. We hold regular discussion meetings, 大家聚在一起讨论阅读政治思想史上一篇有趣的文章, in a lively and informal setting. In addition to holding research seminars with invited speakers, both from within 买球app排行 and externally, HPTRG提供了一个很好的论坛,展示正在进行的买球app排行政治思想和思想史的研究项目,构想非常广泛. 正规买球十大平台成员的广泛背景为买球app排行的学生和教师提供了很好的机会,与该领域的不同学科和规范的观点进行交流.

IPeersIP&IT Law Research Group

IPeers is a research group at 买球app排行 bringing together master's and doctoral students, researchers, 对知识产权领域真正感兴趣的教员和从业人员, information technology law and, more generally, law and innovation.

IPeers研究小组定期组织对买球app排行社区和外部受众开放的会议,旨在促进相关领域的合作研究, relying upon contributions from the legal, economic, technological and sociological disciplines.

Labor Project


The Middle East and North Africa Space (MENAS)

中东和北非空间(MENAS)是一个致力于研究与中东和北非有关问题的研究小组. It is housed at the Central European University in Budapest, within the department of political science. The aim of MENAS is to bring together scholars working on these regions. It organizes events such as seminars, paper discussions, workshops, and social events such as movie nights and Arabic language practice.

Migration Research Group (MiRG)

The Migration Research Group (MiRG) provides a platform for faculty, 来自买球app排行所有学科和单位的学生和研究人员,他们对流动和迁移的研究感兴趣,小组中提出的关键学科包括政治学, public policy, international relations, sociology and social anthropology, law, history, and network science. 该小组定期举行会议,就移徙问题进行非正式和合意的辩论,并在专门听众面前讨论成员正在进行的研究. It seeks to foster collaborative research among its members. Additionally, it organizes events, workshops, and public lectures to raise the visibility and impact of migration research at 买球app排行.


POLEMO represents a research group in Political, Moral, and Legal Theory. It was established in 2011, centered around, but not limited to, students and faculty from the Political Science and Philosophy Departments. Its main activities are meeting for philosophical analyses of the latest literature on the topic. It also organizes lectures and seminars.

Political Behavior Research Group (PolBeRG)

政治行为研究小组(POLBERG)是一个研究政治行为和政治沟通的促进研究和学习环境. It organizes regular seminars with paper presentations, replication seminars, and more informal talks on research methods and emerging research agendas. 该活动面向买球app排行任何部门的学生和教师以及其他学术机构感兴趣的学者开放, and offer them the opportunity to discuss their own research with a specialist audience.

Political Economy Research Group (PERG)

买球app排行师生在政治经济学领域的合作研究, concentrating primarily on the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Public Health Research Group

Public health research has enormous breadth and scope. 研究小组对所有可能的公共卫生研究课题感兴趣.

Research on Culture, Politics, and Society (RCPS)

The group focuses on the forms, causes, and effects of cultural production in modern and contemporary society. Participants are researchers and advanced doctoral students working on issues of knowledge, art, media, and politics in various parts of the world, interested in expanding their theoretical and disciplinary horizons. 该小组由社会学和人类学学系主办和管理,但它是跨学科的范围, and its participants are interested in exploring intersections of global history, sociology, anthropology, political economy, political theory, policy studies, and social theory, as they apply specifically to the study of culture. The group reads or re-reads classics in global history and world systems analysis, 为了理解宏观历史方法对文化-政治-经济关系的一般理解带来了什么. Contact: Ramnath_Shreya@phd.anspartner.com

Science Studies Research Group

科学研究研究小组调查了科学和技术形式的知识和社会之间的关系, philosophical, 历史背景使得这些专业实践对专家来说是可能的,对他们的许多受众来说也是有意义的. Interdisciplinary of necessity, 该组织条件反射地寻求解释性探究和理性分析的结合,这不仅联系了不同形式的科学调查, but also make sense of their impacts in society, industry, government, popular culture and daily life. Several departments participate in Science Studies activities at 买球app排行: History, Philosophy, Sociology/Social Anthropology, Cognitive Science, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, and Medieval Studies. 买球app排行买球app排行科学研究的概况(包括课程)和其他领域可以在正规买球十大平台的网站上找到 general page. To follow current activities of the 买球app排行 Science Studies Research Group, please go to the Science Studies Laboratory.

South Asia Research Group

买球app排行南亚研究小组(SARG)是一个多学科的倡议,汇集了教师, staff and students who share a passion for the study of South Asia. SARG's regular activities include research seminars, reading groups, film screenings, cultural celebrations and roundtables.

The Spatial Mapping and Analysis Research Group (SMARG)

买球app排行(买球app排行)的空间测绘与分析研究组(SMARG)旨在成为大学地理空间研究和教学活动的焦点. Initiated and hosted by the 买球app排行 Environmental Systems Laboratory (http://syslab.anspartner.com) the Research Group brings together faculty, 来自各大学院系和单位的研究人员和学生,涵盖地理空间方法的所有可能应用范围, technologies and software packages.